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We have exciting news at Nuline Dance and we are proud to announce that Forty Arroyo has joined (see under loocations USA)

October Teaches: taught By Forty in Strubridge, Brimfield and Palmer, Massachusetts
Good To Be Us – c. Bailey & williams
Smooth Operator – c. Michael Bar
Cooler Than Me – c. Frank Trace
It’s Amazing – c. Michael Barr
Love Is Like The Sea – c. Michael Barr
Gyro Waltz – c. Rosie Multari
Dancing In The Dark – c. Jo Thompson-Szymanski
King Of The Road – c. Jo Thompson-Szymanski
Mack The Knife – c. Rachael McEnaney
Drip Droppin’ – c. Kate Sala
Cool Jerk 2010 – c. Forty Arroyo
Eye Candy – c. Gerard Murphy
Catch A Wave – c. Lynne Martino
Hello Dolly – c. Lorraine Kurtela
Littel Rumba – c. Donna Laurin
Covered In Kisses – c – Burton & Barr
Bust A Wall – c. Forty Arroyo
Westminster boogie – c. Forty Arroyo
Electric Slide – c.
Swingin’ Thing – c.
If The Shoes Fits – Michael Barr
Don’t Cry – c. Joyce Nicholas
SBS – c. Ira Weisburd
Please Be Gentle – c. Forty Arroyo
To contact Forty please e mail